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Community HIV/AIDS Resource Exchange Project

About CHARE Project

Sally S. Cherry, MT(ASCP)

CHARE Project Creator/Manager
STI Consultant/Instructor
Active SAM Registrant
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Sally Cherry (Kitely)
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"Still much work to be done!"

Community HIV/AIDS Resource Exchange (CHARE) Project
was established in 2010 by Sally S. Cherry, BS, MT(ASCP), a former project manager for a Baltimore-based AIDS service organization.
Since 2007, all tasks, activities, and energy had been centered on one mission... To provide culturally relevant health promotion/disease prevention services to African Americans impacted by HIV and AIDS in the Baltimore Metropolitan Statistical Area. 
"Still much work to be done in our cities!"
CHARE Project serves as a vehicle to use the acquired forty-one (41) years of public health experience (clinical, administrative, training, and outreach); social media knowledge; and professional networks for capacity building and community building. CHARE Project welcomes opportunities to collaborate with advocates and organizations targeting populations impacted by HIV/AIDS and other health disparities within local, national, and international communities.


The mission of CHARE Project is to provide capacity building through social media and 3D immersive virtual worlds to enhance the delivery of HIV prevention information, AIDS awareness promotion, HIV testing and related services within targeted populations.

Topics of Interest
CHARE Project focus on programs and projects pertaining to HIV prevention education, AIDS awareness, destigmatizing of HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS and African-Americans, women and girls health, HIV/AIDS and the aging, STI laboratory training, social media, 3D immersive virtual worlds, and related public health issues.

                 Striving for an AIDS-free generation.